Das Fahrzeug des Team Cygnus

Jan van Steeg ist froh endlich das Cygnus fahren zu können, denn eigentlich ist dies schon die zweite Probefahrt. Bei der Ersten hatte Jan aber noch schwer mit der Berherrschung des Fahrzeugs zu kämpfen. Jan schreibt dazu:

"No paintjob yet and not finished, but awesome to drive already. It will be amazingly fast.
The big goal is 1000 mile in 24 hours in a couple of years. This is the bike to do it, first I have to finish it for this years 12h , which is actually a testrun for next year. Next winter we will use to tune it in every possible way. We still have a lot of things to make the bike faster, but running out of time to do everything for this year and also need to test a lot of things before I want to use it."