Rules/ Reglement BeND 2016

1. Principle

At the HPV competition, the combination human-vehicle is central. The best combination will win the race, not necessarily the strongest rider. The aim is to stimulate the development of the HPV. Therefore, there are no restrictions to the vehicle, except the requirement that human power is used and safety requirements. Various tracks are used in order to let different types of vehicles get to optimum performance. In order to make the competition interesting for a broad field of participants and keep as simple as possible all riders are listed in one overall ranking. To determine the best fully-faired, partly-faired and unfaired women and men, there will be additional categories. The specific races are organised by the Belgium, Dutch and German HPV associations. Every participant is considered to know the regulations.

2. Safety

  1. The vehicle should have sufficient braking power (two independant brakes are required) and stability, no hazardous components sticking out or open tube ends, this at the discretion of the race officials.
  2. We recommend the rider to wear a hard-shell helmet. The helmet should have the Norm EN1078 or ASTM F-1447. The helmet is not a part of the vehicle. In any case you have to stick to the rules of the current event. 
  3. Chain ring shielding is compulsory. The chain ring shield should be properly fitted and reach outside the teeth on the chain wheel.
  4. When overtaking, the overtaker should do so in a safe way, without hindering the overtaken person.
  5. The race officials can penalise violations of the safety rules with disqualification, before, after or during the race.

3. HPV categories

  1. Unfaired bicycles (u): No fairing or other aerodynamic parts on the bicycle or rider are allowed. Except discwheels, fairings of the pedals and aero-helmets. Small bags for drinking, which has no positive effect of the aerodynamics of the bicycle are allowed as well.
  2. Partly-faired bicycles (p): All bicycles, which do not consist to the unfaired and fully-faired category. Either a front or a faring at the back of the bicycle is allowed. The fairing should end at the bottom of the upper body.
  3. fully-faired bicycles (f): All bicycles, which have a full fairing around the body of the rider.
3.1. New Category "standard bikes"

You have to apply for this catergory. Otherwise you will be only listed in the other rankings. Recumbents are allowed which have no fairings (including disc wheels, rims higher than 30mm). The bike should be standard recumbent out of this list:

  • Optima Baron
  • Challenge Fujin
  • Challenge Jester
  • Challenge Hurricane
  • M5 LowRacer
  • M5 M-Racer
  • ZOX
  • Toxy ZR
  • Performer Racer
  • RaptoBike
  • HPVelotechnik -Scorpion
  • Windcheetah

The listed bikes should define the upper limit of this class and bikes which are known to be slower are also allowed to start in this category. If your bike is not listed you can send an Email to jb[at] and Matthias[at] to apply for the category. Carbonfibre bikes and titanbikes are prohibited. You are not allowed to modify your bike (e.g. lower seat angle as long as it is not a standard). In the end the race committee will decide induvidually in each case.

Of course you bike has to fulfill §2 Safety.

If you start in ST you will also scored in UV

4. Race categories

  • Time Trail: All riders start seperatly. The participant should make the ride alone; riding in a group, drafting or using any method that gives a benefit through interaction with another participant or a person outside the race is prohibited. The penalty for violation of this rule is disqualification by the race officials.


  • Criterium: All will start together. There are no privileged starting positions. Riders that require help with starting, will start at the back of the pack

5. Race organisation

The particular organizer of the race is responsible for the safety requirements and the overall ranking of the race. Due to the HPV categories the BeND committee will assign the riders to their categories.

5.1 Points awarded to the overall ranking

The maximum points of one event are limited to 7500 points. Usually the an event consists of one short race (200m, 1000m, fastest lap...) and one longer race (45min, 1h, 2h ...). The weighting is 1:2 of short to long races. If there are more than two races all races are equal weighted. The number of points decreases by 25vfor each placing in a short race and by 50 for each placing in a long race, if the weighting is 1:2. Otherwise the number of points decreases by 25 points. To illustrate the point giving here an example:



1000m Ranking (Points)

45min Ranking (Points)


Ranking Overall

Ranking fully-faired

Ranking unfaired

Rider 1


3 (2450)

4 (4850)





Rider 2


2 (2475)

3 (4900)





Rider 3


1 (2500)

2 (4950)





Rider 4


4 (2425)

1 (5000)





Rider 5


5 (2400)

6 (4750)





Rider 6


6 (2375)

5 (4800)





6. Time registration

For the most races, the AMB-transponder system is used for time registration, unless otherwise noted in these regulations. The rider is responsible for a proper fixing of the transponder to the vehicle and also for any loss or damage. Under circumstances, the race officials may - with motivation - deviate from the results as presented by the electronic system.

7. Complaints

When a participant disagrees with a decision of the race officials, or any event during a race, a complaint can be filled with the appeals board or race jury. A bail of EU 20 has to be handed in. When the complaint is granted, the bail will be refunded, otherwise the bail comes to the organisation

8. Doping

Every rider assures by registration, that she or he doesn't take any prohibited substances. Riders having been proven guilty of taking drugs are disqualified for the whole BeND race series. You find a latest list of all prohibited substances here:

9. Liability insurance

All riders participate on their own risk and ensure by registration, that they have a personal insurance liability.
All riders take care for their own health . It is their own responsibility to be in good health conditions for their participation at the races.


10. Race committee

The race committee is responsible for the point giving in the BeND race series. Therefore we use the official result generated by the organiser. The following persons form the committee: Ralf Golanowsky, Jörg Basler, Matthias König.